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IMG_9636Ive touched on the subject or ‘Trackers‘ when Bonnefication featured Mule Motorcycles’s homage to Gene Romero’s 1971 Triumph Team bike, a build which in my opionion, is probably as good as a road going Hinckley Triumph Bonneville ‘Tracker’ can get…IMG_9635But the classic styling of that Mule Tracker might not to everyones taste, some may prefer their Tracker to be more up-to-date, something with a cooler edge, a Tracker with modern tyres, upgraded brakes & suspension and of course a dark moody paint scheme, a Triumph Tracker like the latest build from Britalmoto perhaps.IMG_9614The Robe Crafts Tracker was built by Ivo Tschumi, son of Fritz Tschumi the founder of Siglistorf, Switzerland based Britalmoto. Ivo, who like many bike builders, wanted to build a motorcycle for himself, to his design and budget and not a customers. While Ivo was building the bike he was invited to display at the “Art and Wheels Custom show in Basel Switzerland in May of last year – so the race was on the get the Triumph Tracker finished, but sometimes its never that easy, Ivo Tschumi continues….2H3K9608“..for one time I was good in time to finish the bike for the show, but 6 weeks before the show I had a highsider at the Racetrack. First I thought that its not so bad,only some bruises and I can go back to work some days later, but 2 days after the crash I went to the hospital because my shoulder still hurts badly – I came out in a wheelchair, my foot in a plaster, a cracked bone in my leg and a bruised hip and shoulder”.2H3K9602“1 ½ weeks I stayed at home, but I still want to finished the bike, I really want to be part of the show, so I dragged myself to the workshop and start working again, welding, milling and all the other works with the plaster and the sticks – that wasn’t as easy as I thought and I only had 4 ½ weeks”.

“And almost 1 week before the show my painter dropped me like a hot potato, and I just thought “Fuck” –all that stress for nothing. Lucky I found another guy who finished my paint-job really quickly. I also want to thank my ex-girlfriend Johanna, she did the striping and letterings in the last 3 days” (nice girl TS).2H3K9627“I also used this show to promote my new label Robe/Crafts which concentrates to kit out bikes and maybe later the rider also. The tank and seat I modelled and designed with clay. A good friend, Chris Maertl built the tank in alloy for me, he did a lot of works for me in the past”.2H3K9595“The negative for the seat I did by myself, another company did the positive because there was not enough time anymore. Also the Handles I did conventionally at my workshop from Alloy 7075, a other good friend did the cnc machining to fit the gascables”.2H3K9594
“Other parts like the frontmask, holders, forkcovers, complete footrests, chainwheels,coverplates, Numberplate/turnlightholders are done by myself. All these parts from the Robe-Tracker and older Parts I designed for Customer bikes as well. online shop”


  • Triumph Thruxton Carburettor
  • Engine: 78 rwhp and max.torque 75Nm

Engine modifications:

  • Modified Airbox / modified K&N Filter
  • Keihin FCR 39mm carbs
  • In and outlets from cylinder head grinded and polished
  • Camshafts from Bonneville 790
  • higher compression 10.5:1 ( stock 9.1:1 )
  • EBC Racing clutch/stronger clutch-springs
  • Exhaust: Zard 2in1

Rolling Chassis & Accessories

  • Frame: Triumph Thruxton / backend cutted
  • Fork: Showa USD from Ducati 996 SPS
  • Callipers: (front)Brembo / (rear) Nissin original Triumph Thruxton / selfmade Caliperholder
  • Brake Discs: front Brembo 320mm rear 220mm Harris Performance
  • Triple Trees: Ducati 916/996 upper: LSL
  • Handlebar: Renthal
  • Wheels: Astralite 3.5×17“ front / 5.0×17“ rear
  • Tires: Pirelli MT60 RS ( Supermoto Racing Tyres )
  • Shocks: Wilbers
  • Brake and Clutch Levers: Pazzo Racing (reworked/polished)
  • Motogadget Speedo/electronical Controls

Self made Parts / Robe Crafts Parts:

  • Tank and Seat design with Clay
  • Self laminated Seat Fibreglass
  • Frontmask
  • Frontmaskholder
  • Mudguards USD Fork
  • Airboxcovers
  • Grips
  • Speedoholder
  • Complete Foot controls
  • Chainwheel soon

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