FCR Original – Black & Red

From Sébastien Guillemot and Mathieu Ménard at FCR Original, who over the years have built some very attractive Triumphs such as the ‘Sunrising‘ and ‘Green Legend’ comes the ‘Back and Red’, a customised Air-Cooled Hinckley Triumph T100.

Over the last ten years, we have lost some big-name builders, and regular names on Bonnefication, so it is nice to see that FCR Original is expanding and still going strong. 

So what has been done to this great looking retro classic…

List of modifications :

Electricity : 

  • Bates black headlight with yellow tinted headlight FCR Original
  • Bates black front indicator with black wrist strap holder FCR Original
  • Bates black rear indicator with shock absorber FCR Original
  • Bates polished tail light FCR Original
  • Motogadget Tiny meter
  • Comodo’s Motone 

Bodywork : 

  • Front and rear mudguards FCR Original painted black 
  • Original side covers painted in black 
  • Original tank with FCR Original paint: burgundy and black biton + gold leaf logo  
  • Motone tank cap 

Upholstery : 

  • FCR Original custom saddle: Bordeaux 

Cycle part : 

  • Modified rear buckle FCR Original 
  • Naiman support 
  • FCR Original remote regulator support  
  • FCR Original headlight bracket 
  • Front brake master cylinder support and hose FCR Original 
  • Biltwell handle
  • FCR Original side plate support 
  • Rear footrest LSL 
  • FCR Original speedometer bracket 

Front axle :

  • 16 inch wheels: 3.00 x 16
  • Avon Safety Mileage MKII tyres: 5.00 x 16
  • Black painted fork crown FCR Original 
  • Original disc and calliper 

Rear axle : 

  • 16 inch wheels: 3.00 x 16
  • Avon Safety Mileage MKII tyres: 5.00 x 16
  • Shock Factory 2win shock absorber 
  • Genuine disc and calliper 

Engine :

  • Original FCR stainless steel exhaust system 

Transmission :

  • Original 

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