2008 Bonneville ‘Iron and motus’ by FERRO E motus

‘Iron and Motus’

Immagine 044This is Paolo Bussotti Triumph Bonneville named “Iron and motus” after their motorcycle club. The bike was built by friends at FERRO E motus who are based in the pretty Italian town of Città di Castello. FERRO E facebook states that “FERRO E (meaning IRON AND..) is a workshop of ideas, a place to share your passion for two wheels, a movement of the soul, a work in progress”. Which sounds like my kind of place to be honest. I can see it now…Motorcycles with a dash of Italian sun, wine, food and countryside, Happy days… I would add Italian women, but the other half might read this.Immagine 053So whats been done to ‘Iron and moths’… ‘Cerchi verniciati a polvere, disco anteriore flottante,farò anteriore e posteriore beates, manubrio street bar, strumentazione 60mm, serbatoio modificato, tappo Monza,specchietto bar END, manopole marroni vintage,sella artigianale, telaio accorciato, parafanghi artigianali,frecce Arizona, scarico Zard cross ceramizzaro nero, verniciatura personalizzata,parà catena e copripignone mass engineering,paramotore,pedane LB,filtri conici, scatola porta batteria, modifica completa impianto elettrico’ OK in English to from what I could make out… Immagine 061Modifications include Ceramic coated Zard 2-1 Cross low exhausts, brown Bates style Grips with Bar And Mirrors an XS650 mini speedo replaces the huge stock item. As you would expect with the front light being replaced with a centre mounting item the ignition has been relocated using an LSL bracket. Immagine 059At the back are Arizona Black Turn signals and the increasingly popular Shin-Yo, Bates style rear light and stop light. The stock rims have been powder coated with a floating disc fitted to the front. Rear shocks are from YSS Shocks.Immagine 049A Monza fuel cap has been fitted to the custom painted tank and the frame has been shortened and frame loop added.Immagine 042Overall nice looking machine, love the Zards so we know it’s going to sound good. Im a little envious of Paolo being able to take it out on those winding Italian roads. Lucky sod!Immagine 040 Immagine 047-1 Immagine 051Immagine 063Immagine 055

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