Del Gasan, Triumph T100 Custom and a little red Chair

image6-1As you may know, Bonnefication is all about custom and modified Triumph Twins, our aim is to inspire others to build and modify their own bikes. Intern, your job, the builder and modifier, is to inspire others!  – So lets see your shed built, home grown, or privately commissioned pro-builds. And like Del Gasan, you to may get your bike featured on Bonnefication. Simply submit some hi quality images with some background information on both you and the bike.10291772_444434349025724_7930531486619371860_n

Tell Bonnefication about the bike:

“One afternoon whilst browsing local online ads for second-hand bikes, I spotted a stock 2009 Triumph Bonneville owned by a Pakistani gentlemen working for the a local news channel. image003-210177264_446751655460660_7487793996525483867_n“An afternoon trip to check out the bike resulted in me coming home with a new project. “Clean lines and that classic frame, I couldn’t resist it! It was a Bonneville, who doesn’t love a bonnie. I mean, all the greats had one! Dylan, McQueen, Dean, it’s like riding history”. A project was born…”

“Reviewing online catalogues, going on forums & meeting like-minded builders, I was fortunate enough to stumble across Dime City
famous for their café bike builds and support of modern café racer culture. “I connected with Jason and some of the crew from Dime City. I was a big fan of their work and their local bike shop culture. Most of the parts for my bonnie have come from them. It’s nice to support bike shops that support our culture. image7-1I believe Dime City has allowed builders living overseas, like myself, to get our hands on the parts we need to create these retro racers”. My major inspiration was trying to shape my bike to those of the 1960s”

Tell Bonnefication about you, what you love, why you do what you do and where you ride:

“I am no stranger to vintage retro bikes. Some believe biking is in the blood and in my case this very well may be true. My grandfather used to work on motorcycles for the British troops during their occupation of India in 1947, and went on to open the then famous Merlin Motors. “My grandpa used to always ask me to take things apart and if I couldn’t put it back together, I would have to sit and watch while he did…kind of grateful for that now. image8-1There has always been something appealing and raw about a simple frame and an engine, life is too complicated for clutter”. My major influences in bikes vary from his father who used to roll around Bristol and the West Midlands on his 1970 Triumph Bonneville T120R in his leather Rocker jacket to urban biker culture and my fascination with the 1950s and 1960s.”

I live in Dubai and am amazed by the growing biker culture in the Middle East and how influences from all styles from the chopper / bobber scene to sports and classic/Café bikes are expanding.image9-1I love pulling up to a café and seeing people’s reactions, some of the bikers my age come up to me and ask me about 100 questions about my bike. Some of the older bikers look at me and just nod in approval.. One of my favourite memories is pulling up to a local coffee shop before a ride and an old British expat walked up to my bike outside the café and asked whose bike it was.

b0f43cf8cd64a7454700e3347d2a8f8dI walked up and introduced myself. His second question was ‘Do you know what you’re riding?!’. I love it” .


  • Benji Headlight
  • Dime City Cycles Seat,
  • Hi-flow Side Panels,
  • Vortex Clip On’s,
  • BC Airbox Removal Kit,
  • Dime City Cycles bar end mirrors
  • Progressive’ suspension
  • Short front fender
  • Exhaust wraps
  • Custom megaphone exhausts
  • K&N air filter
  • British Customs Rear fender eliminator kit
  • Lucas tail light …

You may of noticed the red chair in a few of the shots, well thats no random red chair, its being used as a medium to help raise awareness about the dire need for registered bone marrow donors, Sean Blake is proposing a unique photography series about people within varying environments with the common element of one ordinary chair. The final result is a collection of portraits on Polaroids. Check out the website here

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