2005 Triumph Thruxton.

This bike was commisioned by Bruno.

The goal was to try to get a lighter, most powerful, simple and technological advanced  motorcycle for everyday use.560359_453032791414629_136566810_n

The subframe was cutted, rounded and host all the electrics in a box built ad-hoc. Bespoke parts includes both fenders, premium leather seat, fork covers and a minimized wiring harness.

The engine was vitaminized with a Wiseco Big Bore 904cc kit, cylinders boring and Keihin Racing FCR 39mm Flatside carbs. The oil-cooler was eliminated and the Chris Dodge inframe oil cooler installed. The exhaust is a 2 in 1 from the triumph especialista British Customs.The grip comes from a set of Dunlop Arrowmax ( we changed later for a set of softer Avon Roadrider ) mounted in tubeless Alpina Raggi rims.The stock forks remain, but they’ve been upgraded with Andreani/Öhlins cartridges. The rear shocks are now Öhlins too, and the brakes are Beringer.

Up front are Easton EXP motocross bars and risers, Free Spirits Triple Tree, Motoscope mini speedometer and Bates headlight. Arizona turnlights, LSL comfort rearsets, Motogadget M-Lock and  Monza gascap are also part of the pack.

Custom made paint on primary cover and clutch cover.  Raw / White combination on the gastank with Triumph (cars) Typo.

Last seen in Barcelona

  • Alpina wheels
  • Motogadget m-Lock ignition
  • Wiseco big bore kit to 904cc.
  • Keihin Racing FCR 39mm Flat Slide carbs
  • British Customs Exhaust
  • Streetmaster Oil cooler
  • Öhlins Shocks
  • Beringer Brake







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  1. Don’t like the oil in frame bodge, it just looks too goofy, there’s got to be a more elegant way to run the oil lines and an oil cooler so they are less intrusive.

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