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Why submit your bike to Bonnefication?

Because we want to see it! – Bonnefication is passionate about the Triumph Twin, and so are our readers. If you want to see modified Triumph’s then you come to Bonnefication! Many of our readers rely on Bonnefication for their fix of modified and custom Triumphs.

What are we after?

Basically, any custom or modified Hinckley Triumph Twin from 2001 to present. We would also love to see your classic Triumph’s too. It doesn’t matter if your Triumph is a shed-built machine or one from a professional workshop.

How to submit your bike.

Simply use the Submit Bike Button below, and include your details and five or six, high-quality images of your bike. We get plenty of emails every day, but we do read everything we receive and will respond if we like what we see.

Like other sites, we respect embargos and are happy to ‘sit on’ builds before publishing. If you need us to coordinate with your own publicity channels, we’re happy to work with you. We also credit and link to photographers whenever necessary (if the information is supplied).

Please send us your images using sites such as or

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