Bonneville Performance Street Tracker 995

Triumph had been a big name in AMA Flat Track Racing, winning two Flat Track grand nationals in the sixties and one in the seventies. But by 1974 it was all over, with the last sponsored riders being Mike Kidd and John Hateley. This was partly down to rule changes introduced by the AMA, which in simple terms made production bikes such as the Triumph less competitive against purpose built machines. Regardless the writing was on the wall for Triumph and by the mid seventies the company was in deep financial trouble and out of racing.BonnevillePerformanceStreet-Tracker_037

In 2005 Bill Gately of Port Orange, Florida based Bonneville Performance returned Triumph to the sport after a thirty-one year absence, but not in an official capacity until 2012 when the team received official backing from Triumph. In the meantime to help fund the team Bill started building ‘Turn Key’ Street Trackers, a road version of the teams track bike. So far Bonneville Performance have produced nine of these machines, selling them to customers from Europe, the US and the Pan Pacific. Number nine is currently under construction and will be up for sale in a Manhattan Triumph dealership.

If you want to feel and  look like Gene RomeroGary Nixon or perhaps the 21 year old Mikey Martin the new guy on the Triumph riders list of fame, you can have your very own Flack Track bike. The Bonneville Performance Turn Key’ Street Trackers comes in three versions. There is the 995cc Street Tracker (pictured) producing 101 HP (at the wheel) 87 ft. lbs. @ 4700 rpm. The 1100cc version producing 90hp (at the wheel) 76 ft. lbs. @ 4700rpm and finally the 1200cc version producing 104 HP (at the wheel) HP 91 ft. lbs. torque @ 4700 rpm. All of which will set you back a cool $26, 500.00 U.S dollars each!- Each machine can be custom tailored to it’s owner with a variety of build specs.

Ceruti ST 1100 1

Bill Gately,the man behind the Street Tracker 995 and the Bonneville Performance Triumph factory sponsored AMA Pro Flat Track racing team

‘I have been around as an aftermarket performance business for the new Triumph twins since November 2001. I started with the Mikuni 42 mm flat slide carburetor kit, then the first 904 cc kits, and a performance head and by late 2004 the first Grand National series Triumph powered flat track race bike since the late 70’s. I have always been a performance oriented business and have based all of my engine kits, suspension changes and my mono-shock chassis on our racing experience since we entered the AMA Pro Racing Grand National Series in 2005. My family goes back to the Triumph brand in the late 60’s and early 70’s when it was our choice for a street bike and the power plant for our Rickman framed flat track bike – that is also still raced today’


The future is to hope for a better economy that allows us to grow with it. Our bikes are unique, hand built – our engine designs are race bred and the very best performance possible from the Triumph platform. We will continue to offer our crate engines, engine kits, carburetor kits, suspension, braking and our chassis to all who want performance on the street and the track. Our street trackers are all built to the customer’s specifications – there are 4 performance engine kits to choose from, the colors, controls and electrics are also choices made by the customer.


Bonneville Performance ‘Turn Key’ Street Tracker 995 Specifications:

  • Engine: 995 cc 270 degree crank, 96.5 mm bore, 68 mm stroke
  • Rear Wheel HP: 101
  • Torque: 87 ft. lbs. @ 4700 rpm
  • Cam: BP Mile Cam
  • Frame and swing arm: 4130 Chrome Molly
  • Gearing: 520 chain, 17 front, 45 rear
  • Wheel base: 55.5 inches – adjustable to 57.5 inches
  • Steering head angle: 24.5 degrees
  • Front suspension: Modified (lengthened) Yamaha R6 43 mm 3-way adjustable cartridge forks, Billet triple clamps with 1 mm to 7 mm offsets
  • Rear suspension: Penske 3-way adjustable mono-shock
  • Ground clearance: 10.5 inches
  • Seat height: 31.5 inches
  • Front wheel: Custom Buchanan alloy rims and spokes (Performance Machine forged aluminum in photos no longer available).
  • Rear wheel: Custom Buchanan alloy rims and spokes (Performance Machine forged aluminum in photos no longer available).
  • Front brakes: 2 – Beringer 6 piston Aerotec calipers, Suzuki K4 298 mm rotors
  • Rear brake: Beringer 2-piston floating caliper, A&A Racing 10.5 inch rotor
  • Wet weight: (2.4 gallons gas, oil and battery) 351 lbs.
  • Finish: Custom Paint by Smokey

BP Frames 2010 3

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