Updated Bates Style LED Rear Stop/Tail Light,

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Bates Style Motorcycle LED Rear Stop and Tail Light

I fitted the E-Marked Bates Style Motorcycle LED Rear Stop and Tail Light to my Street Sled build just over a year ago. You might of seen this light adorn the rear end of many custom Triumphs including the recently published Granmoto – 2013 Scrambler Special the Spirit of the Seventies Barbour  build as well as the Iron and Motus  and Hiawatha by Ton-up Garage builds. Currently, this is one very poplar rear light!DSCF7073 In the short time it’s been on my Scrambler, I have found the bolts which secure the mounting bracket to my alloy mudguard, and the light to the mounting bracket, have both rusted, becoming unsightly. These I replaced with some stainless steel bolts which I purchased from a local DIY store.DSCF7077 The light wobbles around a bit (up and down) as you can never really do-up the single mounting bolts which secures the light body to the mounting bracket tight enough. Then of course half of the LED have stopped working on my particular light. Though here in the UK that is not an MOT fail, who knew!DSCF7074 Overall a nice looking light and stop light, which is perhaps a little too popular at the moment. Not a bad thing, but if you want your bike to look original this is not the light for you. The light can be purchased in various finishes including Black with a red or smoked lens and a Chrome option also with red or smoked lens. Prices are around £30.DSCF7081DSCF0098

Motone Customs – Version of the Bates Style LED Light 02/08/2014

Motone Customs  recently send me their version of the Bates style light similar to the one featured above. See pics. First thing I noticed with the Motone products, apart from this one being in stainless steel, is that it has corrected a few of the issues I mentioned previously. You can now do-up the  bolt, which allows you to adjust the lights position, by the simple addition of a stainless steel spacer. The mounting bracket has been secured to the light bowl with screw, rather than being riveted. Also the fixing are now in stainless steel. Overall the Motone light better is a product by far, and is available in various finishes. DSCF0094 DSCF0095 DSCF0097 DSCF0099$_57-1$_57-3$_57$_57-2

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