White Collar Bike – ‘Bhaskara’

White Collar Bike – ‘Bhaskara’

right3This beautiful and unique Triumph Twin Cafê Racer is, believe it or not, a ‘Home Build,’  a home build that puts many ‘pro-builds’ to shame. Built in his spare time by Ram Ram Januar from Bandung, Indonesia, this Triumph features more in-house fabricated parts than any other Custom Twin I’ve seen, know better?bLooking at these images, I think the only part this Triumph share with any other. is that fabulous Hinckley Triumph Twin engine, an engine which started life in a 2012 Thruxton. Almost everything else you see has been fabricated by Ram Ram, with just a little help from two friends, who owe him favours after Ram Ram tough them how to weld and fabricate.b2Ram Ram actually just builds bikes for himself, but his friends have a really bad habit of buying the finished bikes from him, which does then mean Ram Ram has to go and build another. Which is exactly the situation with the Triumph. While the bike was still mid build, a friend came to visit, seeing the bike in the workshop, he begged Ram Ram to sell the bike to him. So duly the bike was sold, but not before it was named after of its new owner, ‘Bhaskara’ bleRam Ram tells me that the concept for ‘Bhaskara’ was simple, ‘Interchangeable tank, covers and seat’ as he gets ‘bored easily’, reason enough I suppose. Depending on the occasion, this Triumph Cafê Racer can now sport a very nice Carbonkevlar fuel tank in either Red, Blue or Black. Which can then be paired up with one of three different seat options, all of which have been fabricated with great skill in wood. One of which sports the new Triumph logo (pictured) Overall this Triumph Twin is just simply gob-smacking, incredible to look at, amazing!… . Ram Ram Januar is clearly a very talented man!

Bhaskara Specification

WCB = White Collar Bike 

Engine Triumph Truxton 2012
Front fork Ohlins FG series
Triple tree billet aluminium T7 handmade by WCB
Headlight billet aluminium T7 handmade by WCB
Clip on T7 handmade by WCB
Hand grip aluminium T7 handmade by WCB
Inner throttle cable & inner clutch cable after market product Foot step aluminium T7 handmade by WCB
Swingarm billet aluminium T7 & 8mm aluminium pipes handmade WCB
with eccentric hub from Ducati 1098 Sprocket cover billet aluminium T7 handmade by WCB
Front frame billet 50mm aluminium T7 handmade by WCB
Subframe 8mm steel plate
Rims ducati diavel Pirelli Diablo Rosso II
Brembo monobloc front
Brembo calliper rear
Lever & masters Brembo RCS 19
Rearshock Ohlins Velocity stacks handmade by WCB
Exhausts by WCB

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