2 Wheels Miklos – 08 Bonneville Tracker

MiklosIn July we feature 2 Wheels Miklos’ classic and desirable X75 Hurricane a bike which is part of Miklos Salamon’s extensive and varied collection of motorcycle which are house in a former garage where Grand Prix cars of the fifties and sixties were once built. Today it is where  Miklos Salamon team restore and build motorcycle.MiklosOne of their latest custom builds is based on a 2008 Bonneville T100 and has been made to look like one of my all time favourite Harley ass kickers the ‘Flat Tracker’ aka Street Tracker. Its these bikes which were designed to turn left at over 100mph on big oval tracks and featured so heavily in Bruce Browns 1970 documentary ‘On any Sunday‘  which was one of the catalyst for the creation of Bonnefication.Miklos2 Wheels Miklo take on the Tracker of course features the classic Tracker seat which on this occasion is from Mule Motorcycle, the builder of many a fine Tracker. At the front are forks from a T595 Speed Triple with a Shin-Arizona bottom mounted headlight squeezed in between the yokes. The Tank is the stock unit with both tank and seat cowl being painted by Cycle Sprays of Cranleigh Surry.Miklos Nicks Bonnie 008 At the back are YSS piggy back shock, Norman Hyde rear sets and the a Triumph Twin Power rear calliper hanger which keeps the brake out of the muck. The stock Air/Battery box has been removed with he carbs then being fitted with conical air-filters paired with a custom hot rod exhausts. The finished bike sits on Kineo wheels which have been fitted with EBC Contour discs & Michelin Pilot Power tyres. Miklos Nicks Bonnie 008

A few weeks ago 2 Wheels Miklos had an open day, so me and the other half popped in for a visit, unfortunately the new owner of the Tracker was so eager to take it away I didn’t get to see the bike in the flesh, but id did get to meet the team and take a look at Miklos Salamon collection of motorcycles.

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  1. This bike is absolutely bad-ass! I love it. It’s funny, too, because just this morning, I was envisioning something similar, with the dual-wave rotors, shorty front fender, motocross-style bars, single seat. Obviously, someone beat me to it. This is the bike I want in my garage. What an excellent job these guys did.

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