Translated from the old Italano…..Especially for our spectacle built by Jens Brauck and the Triumph tuner LSL with the generous support of Peter Wim / Ohlins for the Rumbler Tridays mastermind Uli Brée. As a starting point served a standard TRIUMPH Scrambler, the number of JvB-engine-parts is a distinctive look to give: From the lamp panel on the front fenders, side covers, the seat and the rear fenders create the selected components, a new design that is not a poor imitation of the motorcycles from the 60s goes. Jens from Brauck developed, they remain the classic Triumph design with modern technology and contemporary style elements. To have the technical modifications, Jochen Schmitz Linkweiler care of LSL. With the aid of noble Öhlins spring elements, lightweight aluminum wheels and Pirelli rough knobby tires 110/80-19 and 140/80-18 in the dimensions of the Rumbler is significantly higher. Specially made for Triumph twin-cylinder upside-down fork with a little less offset bridges provide for the appropriate follow a Magura Supermoto brake system with 4-piston radial caliper and radial master cylinder completes the sporty ambience. Using a hand-arm ergonomics affordable roadster will be adjusted. The beauty of this unique piece, which must remain in step with demand none: All design and engineering components are available separately, so that everyone can have their own very special Triumph Rumbler on its wheels.