Hawkized Triumph

Roland Sands Design…..

Ok im not saying a word…..

‘We can only hope that the youth of today will be ripping the skate parks while dreaming of carving the canyons on the freedom of a motorcycle. Once again we can’t thank Triumph and the Hawk foundation enough for letting us be a part of this incredible project RSD.’

Yeah screw the starving kids, the kids in abusive families…. the kids who have no education or future, the homeless the sick, the dying kids…. as long as they have skateparks the word will be a better place for the ‘youth’ fuck yeah, lets build those poor fuckers a multiplex cinema and fucking McDonald’s while we are at it!!!!

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  1. I have to agree. Roland Sands needs to get out of trying to build Cafe Bikes. He sucks at it. A far as Tony Hawks is concerned…….He’s just another numb nuts that doesn’t have a job, responsibility, a family or a realistic objective view of the world. He wouldn’t know his arse from a hole in the ground. The last thing any of use would need or want on a motorcycle is another irresponsible numb nuts Tony Hawks wannabe.

    Sands go bone yourself and Tony Hawks find a hole and crawel in it. You’re both a couple of losers that have lost touch with reality and the world.

  2. Most parents give their kids fast food until they’re clogged with cholesterol, so if Tony Hawk builds skate parks, good on him! He cares more than most parents that claim they “love their children.”

  3. Bullocks, that’s has to be one of the most idiotic statements I’ve ever heard. How the hell would you know how much mothers love their children? If he was so interested in kids then why not support the orphans, the children that don’t have enough to eat, the homeless children etc. I’ll tell you why, he’s a self-center prick. A 43 year man who’s never grown up and never had any responsibility or a real job. Has no idea what children need because he’s never had or taken the responsibility. He’s a loose cannon and doesn’t give a crap about kids, only to use them to further his own self-centered ideology. Big deal, he rides a skateboard. That’s a real accomplishment. Why the hell he’d have a tribute bike made is beyond me. What a tribute to himself!

    Get a Life man you’re an idiot.

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