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Anything from LSL and Triworx is always well worth taking a look at, so take a look at this…

from LSL press release


Using the basis of Triumph Scrambler, LSL dedicates the “Raise the Dust” model to Uli Breè and their fantastic Pyrenees rally 2012.

A standard TRIUMPH Scrambler and high end motorcycle components formed the basis for the distinctive look of the “Raise the Dust”. From the lamp trim through to the front wheel mudguard, the side cover, the bench seat and the rear wheel mudguard this selection of components create a new design which does not look like a poor imitation of the motorbikes from the 60s.


With the help of genuine Öhlins spring elements and rude Pirelli tyres with dimensions of 110/80-19 and 140/80-18 the Srambler stands noticeably higher off the ground. Upside-down triple clamps made especially for the TRIUMPH two-cylinder mean the right castor angle is achieved with somewhat less offset, and a 320mm wave-disc combined with 4-pot Brembo radial calliper rounds off the sporty feel of this bike. Easy to use Roadster handlebars from LSL make it ergonomically. The rough pegs offer a secure stance for all track conditions.

The Raise the Dust model is designed and produced at LSL-Motorradtechnik in Krefeld, Germany.

There is more information about the “Raise the Dust” at: www.lsl.eu

T860_RaisetheDust-20 T860_RaisetheDust-23 T860_RaisetheDust-02 T860_RaisetheDust-40

Prices in €

LSL triple tree set offset 48mm, 50/54mm 140T051OHSW 799.00
Öhlins fork with caliper adapter 120mm stroke, for 100mm caliper 140FOH324RL 2699.00
Brembo radial caliper silver, 100mm 240BRG4L 389.00
320mm Wave-brake disc with adapter/brake line 239T03832 379.00
GRP-fender kit JvB fender with brackets 505TR38OE 339.00
Aluminium rim kit 2.50×19/3.50×18 aluminium rims, black anod. 601T051SW 829.00
Required tyres: 110/80-19 59R und 140/80-18 70R
Fat Bar handlebar X 01 black, sand blasted 128AX01SW 89.95
Handlebar clamps, 28,6 mm Aluminium, CNC-milled 140+KL28SW 79.95
Handlebar weight Flat Cap aluminium, black 135-005SW 19.95
Brake fluid reservoir size 20 ml, black 244BT01SW 69.95
Brake-lever adjustable, short version 200SR17SI 99.95
Clutch-lever adjustable, short version 200SL26SI 99.95
Scrambler head light 145mm/H4, glossy black 730SD02SW 89.95
Head light brackets aluminium CNC, 50/54mm 143LT5054K 119.95
Indicator D-Light (2) LED-indicator, per pair 720DL01SW (2) 89.95
Motoscope Tiny black 723MSTISPSW 239.00
Instrument bracket Aluminium, CNC-milled 723MSTI1SW 35.95
Ignition relocation unit Aluminium, black 728T024RSW 30.95
Rectifier bracket kit Steel, black 728TR50 29.95
Foot pegs EXTREME CNC-milled, set for rider 115T038SW 139.95
Rear brake cylinder protector Aluminium, CNC-milled 715T038FEX 32.95
Gear knob Aluminium, silver 111-001SI 6.95
Sprocket cover Aluminium, silver 712T024SI 59.95
Aluminium chain-guard Aluminium, silver 713T024SI 49.95
Seat EXTREME black cover 502T038EX 449.00
Rear fender EXTREME GRP/Neo-LUCAS tail-light 507T038EX 189.95
JvB side panel GRP unlacquered 539-T31 239.95
Aluminium chain-wheel 48 teeth hard-anodised 702T024/48 99.95
Öhlins shocks Type S 36P 644T031 765.00
ZARD 2in1 exhaust system EG-BE, stainless steel 414T051 1339.00
Aluminium engine guard Triumph part 425T038 129.95
total amount 10031.95

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