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As you can imagine, not every custom or modified Triumph Twin makes it onto the pages of Bonnefication. Often, this is down to me not having the time. Like many of you I work full time, I modify, maintain ride my own Triumph Twins and have a house that needs a bit of work  – but life without adversity would be dull indeed.

I was recently emailed pics of a modified Triumph Twin which had been built far away in Colombia, South America, by Fortaleza Cafe owner and bike builder Mike Chapman (no not the Australian songwriter and record producer – or at least I dont think he is) I emailed Mike back asking if he could tell me a little more about himself,  Fortaleza Cafe, the bike and what he was doing so far away from blighty – his reply is perfect for Bonnefication ‘People Triumph’



“The dream for Fortaleza Bespoke was born when I started riding in London in the 1970’s. Since then I have modified and customised bikes all my life and ridden all over the world. Employment drew me to Colombia and this wonderful country is emerging strongly after a very difficult period. We wanted to do something that was a small vote of confidence in the “new Colombia”.


“The motorcycle culture is emerging here and the main Triumph dealership in Bogota is established. What was lacking was a custom shop with biker / cafe racer lifestyle. Hence Fortaleza where we will sell modified bikes, great coffee, accessories, bike art and bike books.”

Moto Triumph_0086 como objeto inteligente-1-1

“The focus will be on the bikes and we will be exclusively Triumph.
It is in my DNA since my first Tiger Cub!”


“Starting a business in Colombia is difficult with heavy import taxes, shipped items going “missing” together with many companies in the USA and Europe who refuse to do business with anyone in Colombia. Building our bike was really challenging, but we achieved it. Triumph_Guatavita_0212It is not the most radical design but it works and rides beautifully. It is a start to our dream. Our Fortaleza Cafe will open in February 2016 in Usaquen, Bogota.”


The key components are as follows :
Paint : metallic brown and cream from a 2011 BMW Mini Cooper SOhlins Piggy Back rear shocks
Predator “Shorty” Thruxton TT exhaust
British Customs Fender Eliminator Kit
British Customs Front Sprocket Cover w/ Holes – Brushed
British Customs Chain Guard w/Holes – Brushed
British Customs Brown Leather Cafe Racer Seat with Smoke Lucas Taillight
CRG 3″ Folding Billet Bar-End Mirror
Passenger Peg Block Offs
Air Injection Removal Kit
Exhaust Wrap Kit 2″
Biltwell Thruster Grips: Color: Chocolate – Size: 1″


Overall a great looking Triumph Twin, and how great does Fortaleza Cafe look – it goes to show just how far modern motorcycling culture is spreading. Though I would say not as far as us here in deepest darkest Dorset. Im still waiting for a Fortaleza, Deus, or even a ‘Bike Shed’ here on the south coast.

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