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‘My name is Aaron Piazza, I live in Seattle, WA. I’m a product designer by day, so from the begining I’ve been itching to make tweaks to the stock bike. This idea grew out of a love of motorcycle camping over the past few years.

The cafe bars and street tires were not ideal of fire service roads and back country but I made it work. Over this past winter I stripped it down and started over with the idea of a Thruxton/Scrambler hybrid to satisfy my need of on and off road riding.

Simple bolt-ons a little custom work and and some powder coating and I’m less than $1000 into it after the initial purchase. Selling off the original parts and finding some amazing craigslist finds helped.

Biltwell moto bars and grips
Triumph billet aluminium adjustable levers
Brass gas cap from new textured brown tank sprayed by seattle powder coat
I painted and gold trimmed the badges myself
powder coated engine parts and headlight bucket from seattle powder coat
chopped painted front fender
Kenda 65H tires
custom spiegler brake lines
Arrow 2:1 exhaust with titanium wrap
British customs air box removal
fender eliminator
air injection removal
stripped off the emissions canister and stuffed the remaining electronics under the seat
LED turn signals
progressive shocks
Custom built off road pegs from K&L cycle (I designed them and they cut them out) Seattle powder coat sprayed them black
joker sprocket cover and ignition relocation
triumph skid plate
DID gold chain


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  1. How do you find the rear set footpegs for offroad stuff? Been thinking bout doing something similar with a Thruxton in the future.

  2. too funny………………….

    “Custom built off road pegs from K&L cycle (I designed them and they cut them out)”


  3. I would be more interested in how you pack for camping. How about a picture with all of your camping gear on board the bike? Besides off road riding, I tour on my mostly stock ’06 Scrambler. I’ve gone coast to coast and border to border with 30,000 miles on the odometer and short sorties of 2.000 miles(and I missed 3 riding seasons because of major surgeries). The lack of any touring accessories from Triumph, or any touring vendors, makes it look like I’m escaping the Dust Bowl. Show me how you pack.

  4. Love the bike! I’m looking to do something similar to my tank badges. What did you use?

    1. I just spray painted them black and used a gold paint pen to outline the lettering,
      clear coated and stuck back on the bike!

  5. nice tracker build man! im looking at getting those moto bars for my 2011 thrux, did you have to get longer cables to make those fit and if so which ones? cheers

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