2008 Bonneville Black – ‘Doraemon’

8029461147_6da6f146bf_kIs there a machine more honest than a home grown custom Triumph Twin, a bike which our fathers and grandfathers, including my own, have been tinkering and modifying in sheds, garage and back gardens for years. With the new generation of Hinckley Twins, their sons and daughters can do the very same thing today. Its nice to know thats some things never change.8029461993_e6607c7069_k

This particular custom Triumph Bonneville Black is owned by Jose from Madrid, Spain. a bike which has taken its owner three years to get to the spec you see here today.  Something I’m sure you are not surprised about, as anybody who knows anything about modifying can be sure of is, these things take time…8029462545_63517b3062_k

“Bikes define my relation with the rest of the world. My friends ride bikes, I commute daily with my bike, I plan my holidays around bike trips: Ireland, UK, France, Italy, Portugal, the US and all over Spain. I’ve been riding for 30 years now and currently own two bikes: the Bonneville and a HD ’08 Dyna”


“Modifications: Front end, both wheels (120-70 front, 170-60 rear), double brembo brake front, remove back fender, new handlebar, new clock …”=8029456884_81b1829ca2_k

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