Check out this sweet Triton build by Down and out choppers here in the UK…really nice work!

Hi there , just dropping you some shots of my new build. My take on a Hinckley triton . I sent you some photos of a full frame we made to take the new hinckley engine a wile back now . this is my ride for this year , im about two weeks into the build now and its just about there , waiting for the wheels coming back and .its going for some paint , I did this bike so it still as all the triumph frame numbers still there so no swapping numbers about , me and my brother made all the new frame rails in the manxs style , 1st was to cut off the rear end and make a new full sub frame and mount the tank rails , then we cut out the box back bone so we add room for the alloy sprint tank ,a alloy dummy oil tank was made to take the battery ,and a set of ace bars I made out of stainless steel , alloy rear set hangers , the best bit about this build is that the bike will still ride like the original triumph did , me and my brother also build full frames to take these engines , this will be a six week build start to finish , all work by me at home.

By the way your site is still one of the best out there, thanks shaun (thanks Shaun, thats good to hear, ed)



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  1. HI..
    i also cutted off the rear end of my Bonnie, but i had problems to find the metal piece(tube) for replace it… what did u used for ? is it an empty tube that u have curved later or u do found(made) and already-curve one ?

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