XScramler Cycles 1966 T100SC Desert Sled

1966-triumph-sports-tiger-t100sc-road-test-1-1Scramblerised Triumph Twins are as popular today as they were some fifty plus years ago, though many of todays Triumph scrambler’s, ‘scramble’ in name only – good news for both the dual-sport tire industry and of course the quiet and tranquility of the countryside.T100SC 1964

Cleary the modern Bonneville’s lack of off-road prowess is down to middle-age spread, or to put it bluntly, the modern Hinkley Twin is a bit of a fat bastard, with no amount of chopping, stripping or lightening making much of a difference to the bikes overall bulk, it is of course, ‘big boned’.tumblr_ml1hewd8a91rsgxrio1_1280This may be a little unfair on the modern Triumph Twin, but overestimating or even kidding oneself that the modern Bonneville is a viable off-roader is disrespectful to the real Triumph ‘scrambler’s such as the 649cc TR6SC or the lighter and more compact 490cc T100 SC (Street Comp) .TRIUMPH 13I know little of these classic Triumph’s other than Steve McQueen rode many, they look great, are expensive and have a reputation for leaking oil –  what I do know it is these scramblers that have inspired the new wave passion for knobbley tired motorcycles.TRIUMPH 12Looking backwards and to a degree, forwards is important when finding inspiration for fashion, media and the automotive industry, it is of course why the Triumph Bonneville range stills exits…. retro is afterall, cool! -and it is the older machines which perhap hold the key to many great looking custom Triumph Twins.TRIUMPH 14With this in mind I would like to start featuring more classic Triumph’s, starting with this sweet 1966 T100 SC built by the guys at XScramler Cycles of Miami Florida, who, and I quote;

‘…offer the opportunity to create and develop a unique, valuable and enduring project,
so you relive your inner rebel and reconnect with your passion, turning
away from the routine and the ordinary….”

This T100 SC started life stock, much like many modern and classic Triumph Twins, but unlike the modern bikes this Twin needed to be completely restored. The T100 was stripped down to its base components, with the frame being blasted and powder coated.TRIUMPH 3Every parts of the T100 SC was loving re commissioned, including a full engine rebuilt with a 20 over re-bore, new bearings and valve job. The original Amal Carb, which Triumph have copied for the new Thruxton R, was restored and reunited with the rebuilt engine, coated frame and a new set of wheels and re painted tinwareTRIUMPH 8On reassembly the T100 SC was lightened and rebuilt as a period Desert Racer including new hi-pipes, reshaped mudguards, wider MX bars, knobby tires, fork gators and number board, much as if  it had sprung from the workshops of California based JoMo or Teds Triumph’s.

Triumph Sport Tiger T100SC

Air cooled, four stroke, parallel twin, OHV
Capacity: 490cc
Bore x Stroke: 69 x 65.5mm
Compression Rati: o 9.1:1
Induction: 2x Amal
Ignition / Starting; AC Magneto / kick
Max Power: 38 @7000 rpm
Clutch: 6 plate wet
Transmission / Drive: 4 Speed / chain
Gear Ratio 1st 14.14 / 2nd 9.18 / 3rd 6.95 / 4th 5.70
Frame Steal twin downtubes
Front Suspension: Telescopic forks
Rear Suspension: Swing arm, adjustable shocks
Front Brakes: 7in Drum
Rear Brakes: 7in Drum
Front Tyre: 3.25 -19
Rear Tyre: 4.00 -18: Seat Height 33 in
Dry Weight: 335 lb
Fuel Capacity: 27/8. gal.

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