Triumph Scrambler Deep Blue

Triumph Scrambler Deep Blue by Antonio Congedo

Everything started one year ago. My best friend decided to change his Scrambler Matt Green 2009 MY because of scratches all over the right side of his bike caused from a fall. A that time I decided to disassemble the Scrambler and do it again like the one that you know.
After six months : Single seat, short and curved rear frame, aluminum fenders, aluminum side panels, Ohlins shocks and front forks internals, relocated rear brake caliper and master cylinder, front brake master cylinder, front MX pegs, MX chromed bar, air injection elimination, 2 into 1 low exhaust system, air filter, spark plugs, fuel injection remapped, and even a different engine oil to keep the engine noise quite. I have to admit that I have tried to build a higher exhaust system, but I quit because the sound was not what I was looking for.
And there is one more thing that I quit, as Keihin Distributor for Italy, I would like to mount 2 Keihin FCRs on my bike. But who knows in the life. The tank was also something that I wanted to fix, but there is a test done on ‘The Making of’ page with an old Triumph tank, anyway I am making an aluminum tank prototype, but again with the pre 70s tank in mind.
I have also eliminated all the allens screws.
I am completing the tests of the rear brake caliper bracket, I will offer MX bars, Keihin carbs of course, exhaust systems, aluminum parts, rear frame mods, and … complete bikes??????

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