Triumph Bonneville Sketch by Sophie Varela

Some may argue that motorcycles, custom or otherwise are not art. That may be the case, but motorcycles are certainly a great topic for art, be it a  drawing, painting or photo. I have recently decorated my new home and have been looking for something to put up on the walls and what better than a picture of my all time favourite motorcycle, The Triumph Twin. While on my searches I came across this Triumph Bonneville by Sophie Varela, a french illustrator, and painter, who is based in Paris. Sophie is a freelance artist, with her work appearing in fashion and music magazines. Sophie sent us some details of the peace…

Triumph Bonneville

Progress photos, water-colour on paper

“Here are some progress shots of a Triumph Bonneville illustration I had the pleasure to work on it recently.”

“All the elements, the flowers and outlines as well as the motorcycle were worked on traditionally by hand. I started this illustration with a sketch and in addition drew the final line with ink.”


“Then, I was focused on the black and white water-colour layers of the bike. At last, I used purple and yellow colors mostly for the flowers. I hope you guys like the resul!”sophievarela_bonneville1

Think it looks great Sophie

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