See anything Special….

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  1. New to your blog and still getting a sense of what you like and what you think is the real deal. What exactly did you not like about this bike?


  2. Nothing overly original about the build – Looks like they just raided the Triumph accessories range. Great for anybody that has never seen what has been done or could be done would love it, but after three years of looking at better, im not impressed and would expect far more for the Ace Cafe.

  3. i agree.iv’e read the spec on this bike and for what it is it’s very expensive.nothing the average hobby builder could not do themselves.on the tuning side it is quite mildly tuned when you consider what can be done.and as for styling it’s very average the front mudguard really throws off the line of the bike and an usd fork conversion is not that hard i’ve done it myself.apart from that it looks pretty stock with accessories.a pretty conservative custom.

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