via Vintage Racer Know NOTHING about this…..but it looks SWEET!


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  1. Great pic 😉
    thanks to mention VR
    this bike is from “It’s better in the wind”

    i check your blog almost every day, you’re doing a great job !
    if you like mine thanks to put a link on yours


    Francois from VR

  2. That bike belongs to Curtis… aka: RDNPO aaka: The guy who’s always surfing his Triumph in the It’s Better In The Wind Movie. It’s got a GSX front end and a bunch of other parts. Cool story, he wrecked it and wouldn’t let the insurance company pry it from his cold clammy hands and he rebuilt it with whatever parts he could find for free or next to nothing.

  3. Shawa is right. That Thruxton is owned by Curtis, one of Scott Toepfer’s good friends so it shows up a lot is his work.

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