‘I love the Scrambler because this bike is not so common…
the high exhaust is the best !!!!’



Of all the motorcycles in Triumph’s ‘Classics’ range the Scrambler is by far my favourite. The high-pipes, knobby tires and retro colour scheme scream Steve McQueen and Bud Ekins. Both of whom rode it’s predecessors in classic races such as the ISDT and Hare and Hound.1781803_10151892649546222_1583691984_oIt’s a sure bet, that if McQueen or Ekins were young bikers today, looking for thrill in the desert, neither would give the Triumph Scrambler a second glance. But, Ekins and McQueen were men of their time and perhaps it’s because they had ridden big heavy Triumph’s, we have much more respect for their riding achievements.1795581_10151892648671222_137576545_n
This particular 2007 Triumph Scrambler, which is it’s owners 14th motorcycle, belongs to Olivier Bertino who lives in Paris, France. Olivier’s dream was to make a simple bike, similar to those previously mentioned desert sleds ridden in the dust of the Californian Desert in the filthiest and sixties.


‘I take my bike every days in Paris ! This is my only way of moving ! I love ride this bike, and the pleasure is soo important that at 50km/h I am happy !’

1911181_10151892648651222_1024803710_oOlivier has spent his time and money sourcing parts from all over Europe as well as the U.S and does most of the work himself excluding the Blitz motorcycle switches, which he sourced out to tendance-roadster.com who did the electrickery for him.10003638_10151892649606222_1513173423_o

2007 Triumph Scrambler

  • New electric system
  • New light, horn… controllers
  • New front including : handlebars, grips, levers, headlamps…
  • Made for Twin rear, including : mudguard, cut the frame, small site.
  • Engine : new exhaust, stage 3
  • Painting
  • TKC80 tire

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