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IMG_5217Alessia Fontana, wanted her Carb Triumph Bonneville to be a homage to the old-school Triumph bobbers of the late forties and fifties, such as the Trophy and T100. Bikes with single spring sprung seats and rigid back ends, two things the modern Hinckley twin lacks, thank god!  Alessia needed some help to make here dreams a reality, so she contacted the guys at Dagger Cycles who were more than willing to make this girls dreams come true…IMG_5176“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so Marilyn sang. True or not, blinking rocks are in good company on girls wishlists with Italian dresses, not so cheap French shoes with heels and red soles, violent price bags and similar stuff. Nobody ever named “british bobbers” but please don’t tell it to Alessia, a girl from Turin neighbourhood”.IMG_5187“Yes, on Alessia’s wish list a custom bike for sure had to be almost on top: she’s a big fan of the old Californian bobbers, the ones made on the unit and pre unit Triumphs. Riding with one of those machines on the Italian streets is not so easy mainly because they are quite hard to find so, in order to flag the item on her wish list, she asked for help to Roberto from Dagger Cycles”.IMG_5181“The donor bike for her Skinny Bobber was Alessia’s Triumph Bonneville, a 865 cc late model with carbs: as usual Roberto didn’t twist or chop the frame, he slimmed the machine with new parts, colors and some adjustments, everything according to the traditional “bobber” definition. Only the tyres aren’t the typical fatty ones, Roberto put an old style Dunlop F24 tyre at the front and a Metzeler Lasertec at the rear”.

IMG_5143“For the height of the bike Roberto slipped the front fork off and placed a pair of short Progressive ones at rear. In order to have a low machine, the standard seat was removed and replaced with a little single one homemade by Dagger Cycles.In the bike special parts hand made cohabit with original Triumph ones: the most bizarre is the tail light that comes from a trailer of a tractor, the typical recycle by Dagger Cycles”.IMG_5153“As you can see black is the dominant colour, the only exception is given to the tank, colored in Cherry Red, simple but proper. The Megaton mufflers, the exhaust system and almost all the parts are powder coated as the two fenders are. On a bobber a front fender is usually not appreciated but in Alessia’s area it rains very frequently, it was mandatory to have one so Alessia can ride her best friend even in the bad weather.”

IMG_5158List of special parts:

  • Powder coated rims, spokes and hubs, clutch, brake and control levers
  • Dunlop F24 front tyre standard size
  • Metzeler Lasertec rear tyre standard size
  • Progressive rear shocks (more rigid, less travel than the original rear shocks)
  • Rear fender from Chica Custom Cycles, Huntington Beach California (only solution not to chop the frame, the fender is mounted in the higher part of the frame instead of the lower, as in the stock bike)
  • Tail light from a trailer of a tractor, customized
  • Single seat hand mande by Dagger Cycles on an handmaded alu frame
  • Mini bullet indicators mounted on hand made supports from Dagger Cycles
  • Cherry red painted original tank.
  • Original Triumph rubber tank protector
  • Original Triumph
  • Stock side panels
  • Gold Carburettors caps by Dagger Cycles
  • Black painted  Eyebrow Triumph decorations on the tank
  • Black short Megaton mufflers + DB killer
  • Powder coated exhaust system
  • Black tourer handlebar
  • Vintage rubber grips
  • Machined and powder coated tank cap
  • Mini black odometer
  • Powder coated Stock front light
  • Superchopped front fender
  • Fatty fork gaiters
  • Threated dice for the starter knob

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