Terry’s Triumph Thruxton chopcult.com
Engine, year and make, model: 2006 Triumph Thruxton
Frame: Stock – slimmed and trimmed
Fork: F3
Chassis mods: Shit, Showered n Shaved
Tire/wheel size and style: Stock front, bigger in the back – excel rim upgrades. I run Bridgestone Battleaxe in the back and Avon VP2 in the front – seems like a good marriage…
Favorite thing about this bike: Makes me smile
Next modification will be: Flatslide Carbs.
Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Custom Tank from Richard Phelps at TabII classics, Aftermarket Thruxton Glass bubble seat that was cut, shaved and hacked from Airtech, The upholstery was done by my local secret guy that I brought a picture to of the most ghey looking Italian shoes that I could find and had him copy it; other than that – All kinds of stuff!

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  1. This race turned out the tank …. Location of lights at the same stresses pedigree triumph … But removing the regular filter and filter cover, baring a modern frame that is not very well received …

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