Bonneville ‘Badville’

Hello, My name is Sébastien, i’m french, I’m 35 years old. I live in suburb of Paris, I’m loving motorcycles since I was born. There are few month, after selling my lovely zxr 750 j1 (my teenage’s lover), I saw all Bonneville’s préparation (CRD, TPR, Bratstyle, WrenchmonkeesS) and the idea to have MY bonneville grew up. So I bought a bonneville to my dealer and I told him exactly what I want. Him and I worked on this project, we found solutions for each problemes and there was numerous After all the bonnie is finite and I like her! So if you are interested by my story, It will be a pleasure to me to see my “Badville” on your website.( Oh I like Sébastien and I will put her on the Blog)

2_BD turn your volume down first