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bobber-triumph-bonneville-baak-2The BAAK Motocyclettes website truly is something to behold, not only does it feature a very nice range of parts and accessories for both the Motto Guzzis V7 and Triumph Twin, it also does a beautiful job of displaying these products on motorcycles the BAAK teams have put together.bobber-triumph-bonneville-baak-1

Founded in 2012 by Rémi Réguin, BAAK Motocyclettes started life in a basement workshop owned by Rémi’s grandmother, and grew steadily year on year.  In 2015 BAAK Motocyclettes had outgrown the basement, so moved to a new home in a 300 square meters workshop in Lyon, France – where the company produces a range of products which include; leather seats, mudguards and exhausts, as well as complete kits to turn the Guzzi or Triumph Twin into something truly desirable.
bobber-triumph-bonneville-baak-4Rémi see’s BAAK as being more ‘Haute Couture’ which in French means something along the lines of “high sewing” or “high dressmaking” or “high fashion” – meaning BAAK style themselves as being the Louis Vuitton of motorcycle accessories, and looking at their products I may well agree.

By creating BAAK Motocyclettes, I wanted to give people the access to new feelings through exceptional motorbikes and accessories that make it unique ; always respecting the origin of the bikes, and with a view to the details that make the difference

bobber-triumph-bonneville-baak-3Rémi latest Triumph Twin is the ‘Bobber‘, a bike which is currently for sale for 19,500€ (£14000) and was built with a ‘nasty‘ attitude in mind which as Rémi says was to contrast the ‘distinguished style the Bonneville naturally has’.

Thanks to the parts we created, the bike is easy to handle despite the bikes front tire. We paid attention to bike’s behavior on ride. A bobber can sometimes be tough to ride, but thanks to the shocks, the handlebar, the special fork and the leather saddle, the bike is perfect to ride far and comfortably

bobber-triumph-bonneville-baak-5Like many of the Triumph Twins we feature here on Bonnefication, the BAAK Bobber has been shortened, but cleverly and easily by using the BAAK Short Saddle kit which has been designed to be fitted with the home builder in mind, and doesn’t need to be welded. This Kit included a frame brace, seat, mudguard with LED tail light, and turn signal relocation bracket – the website stating the kits take 3 hours to fit.bobber-triumph-bonneville-baak-6Another prominent feature of the Bobber is the fitting of the 16″ wheels wrapped in wide Continental tyres – the fitting of these fat vintage tyres both front and back has been made possible by the Té Wide Fork kit  which gives the 5″ wide front tyre some breathing room. Adding to the look of the Bobber is it’s super cool low stance, achieved by fitting a BigBody short shocks and fork lowering kit.bobber-triumph-bonneville-baak-8At the front and covering that fat tyre is a shorty front mudguard, which might not do too well keeping the spray off the cool Bates style bottom mounted headlight with integrated Motogadget Tiny Speedo, behind which is something BAAK describe as a ‘Beacon plate with leather straps”….  whatever it is, it look good.  The Bobber also wears a set of braced handlebars fitted with longer cables, stock switches and Fat Handles grips. bobber-triumph-bonneville-baak-7As you would expect the regulator and turn signals have both been relocated from the forks to the frame with the bloated OEM indictors being replaced with more compact Shin-yo Arizona units. Finishing the BAAK Bobber off are a set of Bobber stainless exhausts, a BAAK engine protector and custom side panels.bobber-triumph-bonneville-baak-9For more details on parts, accessories and bikes for sale why not visit the BAAK websiteBAAK Facebook page or the BAAK Pinterest  page.

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