Alo’s Barber – 2015 Scrambler

_TUC5955_PPIt may of escaped your attention (then I doubt it) the dapper beard, moustaches and Peaky Blinders style haircuts are rather popular at the moment, especially among those young trendy chaps who are fuelling, in part anyway the resurgence of all things retro. I say ‘in part‘, as lets face it, a passion for old things, be it motorcycles or other, is hardly new wave, its really just life being re-envisioned, often not for the first time._TUC5925

I too like this re-envisioning; be it fashion, cars or of course motorcycles – on occasion I too have had a retro haircut, a haircut which was very similar to the one my grandfather sported sixty years before. But this passion for retro stops at facial hair, much like my grandfather before me – this is not because we dislike facial hair, the simple truth is, like my grandfather, I can’t summon up enough to actually grow a moustache, let alone a beard._TUC6054_PP

Stay with me here, I will get to the point of this editorial shortly….

You may think that this failing could bring on a degree of beard envy, but to be honest looking clean shaven most mornings does have advantages, one being a happy girlfriend,  saying that, I do wish I could grow decent sideburns –  I don’t totally miss out on the ritual of shaving, just needing to do so every few days, so I do purchase cool and trendy grooming products, like those from the Italian grooming experts Proraso, who, and I quote from their website ‘has transformed the art of shaving into a pleasurable daily ritual“… just like riding a motorcycle._TUC5917_PP

Considering how important male grooming is, especially with the current trend for facial hair, it is no surprise that Proraso approached Raffaele and Stefano Ferraro of Lucca based Triumph dealer Alo’s Group, to build them a Barber inspired Triumph Scrambler, a build which was to stylishly demonstrates a range of Proraso grooming products.  While at the EICMA 2015 Motorcycle show in Milan, I met Raffaele and Stefano who proudly showed me Proraso’s new promo Triumph as it sat on the Zard Exhausts stand – a Scrambler which looked very patriotic in it’s Proraso Green and Italian flag paint scheme._TUC5938_PP

The ‘Barber’ Scrambler like “Alo’s Other” which Bonnefication featured in May of last year, sported Alo’s Groups very cool and desirable ‘Smart Seat‘ which incorporates a very handy pouch, which on this occasion houses a barbers apron, a pouch which could also be used for stowing away all manner of goodies the modern man or woman may need. This Twin has also been fitted with Alo’s Groups custom fibreglass fuel tank which allow the fitting of an OEM gauge into the tank itself, a tank which was also fitted with a very nice leather strap which houses the shaving strop for sharpening a straight razor!_TUC5819

Both front and rear mudguards on the ‘Barber” have been swopped for more compact items, which still help to protect the rider from the muck chucked up by the set of Conti TKC80’s dual sport tyres. The tail light and turn signals have been replaced with smaller items, and helps lighten up the overall appearance of this Scrambler. Raffaele and Stefano opted to fit a complete Zard 2>1 Exhausts System, finished in ceramic black with brushed heat guard. This low system was chosen to free-up the Scramblers side panel and heat shield which has been fitted with a carry case filled with a selection of Proraso grooming products._TUC5889

What ever your opinion of the trend for retro head and facial hair is, and there is plenty of opinion on the subject, you can’t deny its all harmless fun, with a lot of people enjoying a retro inspired lifestyle, and there is nothing wrong with that. This Triumph Twin is a fun and attractive promo build which should get plenty of attention where ever it is displayed –  a build which demonstrates not only Proraso  products but also those available from Alo’s Group, which are well worth taking a look at.IMG_6831

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  1. Not what I would have put in it, but I really enjoy the bag placed were the cover cuts out for the pipes. Course I love my high pipes but still, cool.

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