A very apt title right now as I’ve just moved house, which needs some work, lost my workshop and moved the bike back to the parents shed. But the good news is my is making progress. Due to all this activity I haven’t really been focused on the Bonnefication Blog. But, never fear, I’m still here and I’m still looking for contributions. Like this sweet looking Bonne from Cristian who shares my shed dilemma….

Hello Motochimp! (hey Cristian)

I have been an avid follower of your site for the last 2 years at least! Your site is a great little gem amongst the Internet ocean.(good to hear and thanks Cristian – Moto ) I own a 2005 Carb Bonnie, bought from an old chap near Manchester.

I too share your problem of the small shed…I recently bought the house and have spent several hours getting it in a workable state. Due to small (nonexistent) funds I am having to modify the bike with what it came with or what eBay can help. (wish i could afford Hagon suspensions…envy) (Me too, I sold load of parts, a few other valuable items as well as one of my Steve Mcqueen Books to fund my build – Moto)so am in the final processes of chopping existing parts (already chopped the front mudguard but am making the back slimmer even further, headlight brackets…see them handing while drying from the filler). Took the engine apart as well and painted the bottom part off black and powder coated the covers.

Looking for a sheet of metal/aluminium to cut out a new clock mount for the same clock you’ve got (promise I did buy it before I saw yours) Like you, I changed my mind half way thorough a modification and have acquired a new pair of ace handlebars from Mr Hyde (Christmas) I’ll keep you posted as I get along, hopefully ready for next spring. I plan on going to south of Italy in a Summer, a plan I have had since I got the bike.



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