Pedro at  Ton-up-Garage, who is based in Portugal were contacted by a client from France who had seen Ton Up’s  Urban Pearl build, asking if they could build such a bike for him. And here are the results….. The bike has been shortened and a loop added. Stock mudguards has been replaced , as have the lights and indicators. The tail light is the Bates style LED product common on a lot of customs twins at the moment. The front being a Bates styles centre mounted item.Soultrain_lefth_1600x900-cr-1600x898The stock speedo is now gone and has been replaced by the XS650 Mini speedo, The bars are from LSL and sport Brown coke grips. The headers have been wrapped with Titanium exhaust wraps and the end cans painted. Black Powder coated rims with brown hub have been fitted with vintage Avon tires, with the 17″ rear wheel being replaced with a 16″ allow the balloon classic tyres to fit. Suspension has been upgraded with Öhlins at the rear and Öhlins progressive springs at the front. Seat is by Ton-up Garage  as is the custom paint.



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