Macco Motors Dusty Pearl

Maccomotors are Jose and Tito, who are baed in Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz, in the south of Spain. Jose and Tito have been friends for more than twenty years and consider themselves to be like brothers, brothers whom share the same passion for four and two wheels alike. (sound like they could
be my brothers too)

Jose and Tito have owned a few bikes such as a Norton Commando 850, Bonneville T100 and Ducati’s. Jose and Tito feel that there is something about bikes that needs a little something extra, so they guys became interested in the custom bike scene, such as the japaneses Brat-style, Street trackers, Bobbers and of course Cafe Racers. But rather than just look at them, the guys decided to build them too. In early 2012 Jose and Tito purchased a 1983 Kawasaki Z1100 St. They guys tell me “That the bike would not start and had a valve problem but the price was worth it, and its shape and spirit liked them on sight” this bike was christened “No.1 Macco” – Maccomotors was born. Jose continue their story….
“Our philosophy when it comes to customizing motorcycles motorcycles is do aesthetically beautiful and functional at the same time. We speak with the customer to know what kind of driving you do or advise when choosing a bike to customize. We like the retro style and beauty that hide the bikes of the 60s 70s and 80s, and when we finished a bike and give a new life and a new personality felt really satisfied. So we know what we do worthwhile. But the design for us is fundamental: the shapes, colors and all parties must have harmony
Juan Manuel like other clients knew of our work and contacted us. When he bought his Bonneville SE did not know of the custom bike. He wanted to completely change the look of the bike. He wanted a motorcycle industrial looking, muscular and functional. The client wanted Supertrap exhaust and change the tires. The rest was up to Maccomotors. So, as with every new bike Macco, we present Juan Manuel a previous design of our vision of Bonnie SE: colors, tires, cushioning, lights … already liked him and trusted us for this project.


But there was a big challenge for Dusty Pearl: Juan Manuel wanted to put the stock seat to travel with his wife. This has been the hardest thing to do on this bike. So we’ve built a subframe interchangeable with original Triumph … Yes interchangeable! We welded subframe bushings both 14cm long and new screws. The truth is that is not seen. This is the first bike I know that has two subframe.

 This along with side handles made of stainless steel and it exposes the rear brake pump, giving it that industrial look that JM would have been the most difficult to build on the bike and we like”.
  • Dusty Pearl Specifications
  • Rizoma 22 mm handlebars
  • Short control levers polished
  • Tomaselli grips
  • Single Speedometer
  • Rizoma front brake reservoirs
  • Bates headlight 5 ¾
  • Turn signals
  • Tail light “Mongrel”
  • Mudguards and bracket Maccomotors
  • Spokes rims: 18” front y 17” rear
  • Tyres: Metzeler tourance 140 rear and dunlop 110 front
  • Racing footpegs
  • Side panels by Maccomotrs
  • Ignition recolocation
  • Progressive rear shocks Bitubo WME rear
  • Progressive fork front springs Wilbers
  • Subframe chopped
  • Seat Maccomotors
  • New paint Maccomotors
  • Bar end mirror
  • Supertrap exhausts
  • Exhaust wrap pipes
  • New disk brakes

Photographs by Sergio Ibarra Semimate agency ©

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