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1Bonnefication hasn’t featured a build from Sébastien Guillemot and Mathieu Ménard of the Poitiers France based workshop FCR Original since November of last year, then we featured their brightly colour Bobber. This build like that, proves you don’t always have to cut and shorten the frame of your Hinckley Twin to make it look bad ass.1aDitching or modifying the stock mudguard, fitting a good looking seat, different bars, grips and swopping the speedo for something a little more compact, as well as relocating everything somewhere else can transform your Triumph.c2 Add to that a nice set of aftermarket pipes, a cool custom paint job and you too could own one cool looking Triumph Twin, similar to the bike seen here by Sébastien and Mathieu at FCR.dPracticalities Vs Style; what many overlook when modifying their Triumph are the tyres, often opting for something usable for everyday riding, which is very sensible – but thats like wearing a Savile Row suit with slip on shoes (style faux pas), or even worse a florescent jacket, they may well be practical, but that cool look you may well of been trying to achieve has been lost.h3Fitting classic Avon’s which is the case here, or perhaps the popular TK80 Dual sport tyre seen on the D&O build can be the finishing touch to a build, and should not be overlooked. But often when a build is revealed to the world the tyres chosen are for many a sticking point. iIt’s clear that many of these people have little or no idea of what look the builder wanted to achieve, instead choosing to fixate on the practicalities of riding – which in the custom world, can be boring and unimaginative.kThough not having a front mudguard does look great, its not practical in the wet….. so again this is a case of style over function. But then the fitting of a front mudguard wouldn’t change the look of the bike too drastically, hardly at all in fact.lThis build by FCR has been fitted with a mirror, a rare thing which you will find missing on many builds featured on Bonnefication and other custom motorcycle websites – with the builder often opting to remove them for the photoshoot. Though some riders do choose to ride without a mirror, or mirrors which we can all have our opinions on, It is where I draw the line regarding practicalities Vs Style, where do you draw yours?sala-13-1024x680Overall this build by FCR Original has been well executed and looks great with its full length frame, custom paint and Avon tyres and I would be very happy if this were my own ride. If you are looking to modify your own Twin into something just that little bit special, this bike demonstrates that you don’t have to follow the trend and chop. sala-9-1024x680But may need to give your Triumph Twin something else to make it look just that bit different from stock, and tyres are a good place to start. In the last image are the build spec for the FCR build including price of the finished bike. Contact details below if you want to find out more.sala-8-1024x680

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