COOLmotorcycles – Triumph Little Bastard

COOLmotorcycles – Triumph Little Bastard


The “Little Bastard” is the latest from Cadiz based COOLmotorcycles builders of the Sherry Scrambler and The Great Escape. Their latest Triumph is named after James Dean’s Porsche 550 Spyder, which the actor was tragically killed in when it collided with a 1950 Ford Tudor coupe on Route 466 on 30th September 1955. Javier Álvarez continues…


James Dean , like many other big players in Hollywood, was a big fan of cars and motorbikes and had a couple of Triumph during his short life , the latter a TR5 Triumph. One day I got the idea that if it was a damn car should be a car with a soul, and if he should be able reincarnated soul . This time the car has been reincarnated motorcycle and how could it be otherwise, has been reincarnated into a TRIUMPH.



The preparation we have done I think is the most personal and daring we have done for us to date , we have treated all the details of this bike remember the original Porsche James Dean. This Porsche Spyder , silver colour, stood out because it was built entirely of aluminum, it was, very light therefore ( 550 kgs. Weight ) and a very powerful vehicle for its time ( 110 or 115 hp) , with no support mechanism driving, had the watch dials in black and had been designed following the advice of James Dean himself , with seating in red, two red stripes on the rear dorsal fin and 130 in the front and in back.


In preparing the Bonneville we have tried to capture the spirit of this legendary vehicle and everything in it remember the car : from the spectacular paint job and airbrushing done by our regular contributor Fco Heredia, many aluminium parts ( fenders , lids side , chain guard ) , brake and shift pedals drilled and countersunk for another of our favorite collaborators, Raul ” Metalman ” Toledo, who has turned the simple original works of jewellery pieces , a unique watch with black dial and chrome bezel like the original , simple and minimalist single exhaust , the lovely oval mirror on the left side, rear red light round , K & N filters d direct entry to view, and some artisans, innovative and spectacular accessories not want to reveal . a Bonneville lighter, sportier , faster , ultimately ” Little Bastard” reincarnated motorcycle.




  • Faro 5 3/4 led light ring
  • Support Lighthouse COOLmotorcycles adapted by Joker Machine
  • Hydraulic front fork cartridges ANDREANI adapter for COOLmotorcycles
  •  Norman Hyde fork bridge reinforcement .
  • Mas Engineering front fender aluminum
  • LSL handlebar
  • Brake fluid reservoir Triumph Genuine Accessories
  • Levers Triumph drilled and countersunk Originals by Raul ” Metalman ” to COOLmotorcycles
  • Rearview Mirror Joker Machine.
  • Meter Motogadget
  • Oury Grips
  • Intermittent led Motogadget
  • Francisco Heredia Painting deposit under specifications COOLmotorcycles
  • Monza tank cap
  • Custom Clock British oil pressure
  • Air Filters K & N kit direct input adapted by Classic Bike COOLmotorcycles .
  • Engineering side Mas Tapas aluminum painted by Fco Heredia for COOLmotorcycles
  • Designed by COOLmotorcycles seat , fiber-based by Fco Heredia and upholstered by X – sits .
  • Ohlins Rear Shocks
  • Mas Engineering Chaincover aluminum .
  • Rocker switches and brake drilled and countersunk Originals Triumph Raul ” Metalman ” to COOLmotorcycles
  • Tapas carburettors Triumph Genuine Accessories
  • Triumph oil tank cover original accessories
  • More Engineering aluminum rear fender
  • Old School Rear LED Light
  • Borrani spoked wheels tubeless
  • Avon Tyres



The COOLmotorcycles Team
Mechanical, mounting and adaptation accessories: Alejandro Veiga.
Aerography and painting: Francisco Heredia.

Customisation metal pieces with drilling and polish: Raúl “Metalman”
Original idea and design: Javier Álvarez

Photographer by Sergio Ibarra SEMIMATE, and wineries that have kindly provided us access to their facilities to the report: “Alvaro Domecq” and “William & Humbert”, the reason taking photos in Jerez wineries is because this year, Jerez De La Frontera, is the European Capital of Wine with which seemed a good idea to mix wine and bikes are two large windows from Jerez to the world.

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