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P1030720Popped up to London to pay the Bike Shed Event a visit at the weekend. This free, well organised event too place in the back streets of Shorditch at the Shoreditch Studios. Ive not been to Shoreditch since I as a nipper in the seventies, back then I was in the safe hands of my 6′ 6″ father. Things have changed a lot since then and Shoreditch is much safer and trendier.Walking in through the gates that led to Bike Shed Event I could imagine it being the perfect Bikers Cafe, where groups of bikers could meet up, grab a burger and look at some really fine motorcycles. In fact it was so good, some, myself included might of mistaken it for bikers heaven.
If like me, you had gone to the Event and on arrival removed your Bell/Davida helmet (delete where appropriate) you might of thought (i didn’t) ‘I need a haircut’, well you were in luck, because not only could you look at motorcycles, while eating a healthy burger, you could of also had your barnet cut by Billy & Bo  the ‘internationally acclaimed team’ of barbers. If that wasn’t enough you could honour the Event, and the excellent organisational skill of the The Bike Shed team, by having their fine logo tattoo’d by Woody somewhere on your person.
Inside the Shoreditch studio Sam Christmas’ display of excellent motorcycle photography framed a studio full of beautiful custom bike, none of which looked like it came out of BSH magazine, which in itself was very refreshing.
During the day there was a constant flow of visitors riding up outside making the event spill out onto the road and out into the highstreet filling Shoreditch with the sound of motorcycles, some were reminded to keep the noise down as they too had the obligatory neighbours. All in, a great Event, Im really looking forward to The Bike Sheds next Event.
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