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LiZou (Laurent) lives in Paris, France, and rides this beautiful 2007 Bonneville Black everyday for his 20km commute to work, whatever the weather. On the way LiZou drops his 8 year old daughter, Lana, off at school. Seeing she is safely inside, and probably dreaming of riding her own Triumph Bonneville one day, LiZou’ continues his journey to work, but now, without his precious cargo, it’s at a slightly faster pace. As LiZou rides he has a tune playing in his head….

‘Warning signs are flashing ev’ry where, but we pay no heed
‘Stead of slowing down the place, we keep a pickin’ up speed
Disaster’s getting closer ev’ry time we meet
Going ninety miles an hour down a dead end street
Yeah, ninety miles an hour down a dead end street
Well, ninety miles an hour down a dead end street’
…LiZou is a Bob Dylan fan by the way.

Bike Model: 2007 Bonneville black

  •  Norman Hyde Toga exhaust, NH handle bar and LSL Mirrors
  •  Custom Seat , signal, rear finder, mecatwin
  •  Lucas head and rear light
  •  Hagon suspension
  •  Mini speedo and D9 bracket

Tell us about the bike:

‘Tried to reach a neo classic classicism and a well balance with the 60’s Spirit’
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