Triumph at Motorcycle Live 2013

Few pics of my trip to Motorcycle Live 2013, how I left without that 2014 Triumph Scrambler I will never knowDSCF5320DSCF5310DSCF5309DSCF5338DSCF5315DSCF5335Mini McQueen – Start them  young, good choice I might addDSCF5481I soooooooo want a new one…… talk to me!DSCF5318DSCF5319DSCF5322I think she really wanted oneDSCF5325DSCF5330DSCF5346DSCF5343The lovely girlfriend…..she was rather taken with the T100DSCF5347DSCF5357Jack Lilley Bobber we featuredDSCF5361DSCF5364DSCF5366DSCF5367DSCF5371Pidcocks Triumph  (Nottinghamshire) Thruxton was really nice!DSCF5503_webDSCF5380Métisse – would love one of these, do think they should make a frame for the Hinckley Twin engine.DSCF5394DSCF5396DSCF5503DSCF5402DSCF5420Where you go, your bikes goes tooDSCF5451Lindsay Young’s 2003 Bonneville- Nice machineDSCF5443DSCF5471DSCF5507

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