New Decade and another project.

Bonnefication started as a blog about finding inspiration when customising a 2005 Triumph Scrambler. Ten years, and two custom Triumph Twins later I decided to move on.

At the end of last year, I purchased myself 2002 Land Rover Defender TD5 Hardtop. A vehicle I have coveted for some time. Like any vehicle its age, it will need a bit of work but with only 78k miles on the clock it’s virtually delivery mileage and for a Defender its age, and it bloody good shape. The Defender will be my daily driver so will get plenty of use – meaning it can never be off the road while I tackle the jobs which need doing. 

What of custom Triumph Twin? You may have noticed that I’ve not written any articles since 2018. Well, that’s what dealing with Triumph does for you. If I see a Triumph worth writing about and certainly nothing based on any of that TFC crap, I might write an article.

All my old articles will be here for those looking for inspiration, so don’t worry. I just won’t be writing about Triumph Twins as much – I’m busy with another project.

Perhaps you will follow that journey too!

The 2002 Land Rover Defender TD5 Hard Top
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