Scraton – 2013 Scrambler

Scraton – 2013 Scrambler

Scraton 0Four years ago Hammarhead Industries of Philadelphia U.S.A produced the ‘Jack Pine’. A bike which was featured on websites including; BikeExif, Cycle World and of course Bonnefication. Stylish videos were filmed, and live worldwide bikes-builds were done to promote this custom Triumph Twin. Even the actor Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame purchased one, giving the bike a little added cool (at least he got his).

Scraton 4Some argued that there was nothing special about the Scramblerised T100. The bike featured on BikeExif had no oil cooler, and key parts of the frame had been removed. It had straight through pipes and proper knobbly tires. At the time It was ground breaking, and it’s no surprise that its one of the most copied Triumph Twins.

Scraton 6Which is perhaps the reason why Hammarhead Industries, and the ‘Jack Pine’ Scrambler are no more. No real surprise, why pay $16,500 including the price of a second hand Triumph Twin, when with a few skills you can build your own following a simple formula, even adding your own personal touches if you wish. So at least, in spirit, the ‘Jack Pine’ lives on.

One such example is Toni’s Scrambler or the ‘Scraton‘ ….

Scraton 3“My name is Toni and I call my bike Scraton, Scrambler of Toni. I grew up in Paris and live now near Barcelona. I am corporate consultant. I am aware of my passion for motorbikes from my early days about the ISDT spirit and trial also. Years sixties and seventies. The Triumph classic line is an open door to vintage memories.”Scraton 7“I believe in progress and efficient Hi-Tec so I had a difficult choose between an old carb engine and an injection one. Finally I decided to the latest technology and create a vintage design. Scraton is a base 2013 new Scrambler EFI. I understand custom and modifications as improving performances and style or both. Those have been the vectors of changes on my Scrambler, all changes with high quality level target. I design on my own the Scraton.”

Scraton 8“As follow all new; Ohlins Suspensions – front and back, Beringer front brake and commands, shorter gear relation, Zard exhaust vintage motocross, reinforced frame on back, remove air box and new design, EFI new Air System & Box Elimination Kit, remove second passenger footrest, handcraft and shorter design seat, motocross vintage handlebar. Mini digital, switches, controls, electrics and ignitions adapted to CanBus Electronic System. Adapted footrests with rubber protection. Mini mirror and rear lighting, smaller front light, small turn signals, chain protection, vintage alloy fenders front and back. New complete painting.”
Scraton 1

“It has been a long and difficult way including handling compromised situations.  The target of all is better performance and response on dirt tracks and a real vintage light design, that´s enough for the first big stage.”

Scraton 5Photography David Masdeu.


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