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Macco Motors – 2015 Bonneville

Macco Motors_01Jose and Tito of Málaga, Spain based Macco Motors are without doubt one of the most popular custom Triumph Twin builders to grace the pages of Bonnefication – with the duo building bikes for clients worldwide, bikes their customers clearly desire.Macco Motors_02Jose and Tito’s latest build is based on a 2015 Bonneville Spirit, built for Finn from Sweden, who simply wanted the bike to be comfortable, painted “English” green, have a brown seat, and of course finished in the distingtive Macco style.Macco Motors_03Im sure you’re aware what the ‘Macco‘ style is, but for those who have lived in a cave these last few years, I will enlighten you. It all started in 2013 with the Dusty Pearl – the Dusty, for obvious reasons proved popular, so each successive build since is based on that first custom Triumph Twin, never identical, each build must have a unique twist, ‘Sons of Dusty‘ perhaps.

Macco Motors_04This Triumph, like it’s predecessor has been chopped, looped and fitted with a custom seat, in brown of course. With both front and rear mudguards being replaced for custom fibreglass items, with the rear topped off with a vintage style tail light.Macco Motors_06The stock side-covers are now the distinctive Macco Motors fibreglass items, with both mudguards and side covers getting the flat black treatment. The Triumph Twins tank, which will make this bike stand out in a crowd, has been finished in Macco Motors signature raw clear-coated metal and colour of choice, which on this occasion is Finn’s British Racing Green.Macco Motors_07Up top are Biltwell tracker bars, fitted with Biltwell grips and racing style clutch and brake levers. The speedo on the Triumph is the super popular Motogadget Tiny, made possible on the CAN-bus machines by the  Motogadget M-tri converter.Macco Motors_08Up front is a Bates style bottom mounted 5″ 3/4 headlight finished in flat black. With the exposed upper fork legs being covered by  custom made protectors, fabricated from steel and again painted flat black.Macco Motors_09When customising a Triumph Twin the best place to start is a suspension upgrade, then the exhaust, followed by a list as longs as a tall persons arm. On this occasion Jose and Tito fitted a set of Hagon Hitros at the back, and Hagon Springs at the front, with the mufflers being replaced by those from GR Exhausts, and should go some way to get this Triumph twin some street kudos.Macco Motors_10Tyre choice is a big part of customising a Triumph Twin, and making the right choice is important. I have written previously that tyres make the bike, but sometimes the right looking tyre, is the wrong tyre to ride. A good choice for those wanting a rugged off-road look, are the Metzeler Tourance’s (110 front and 140 rear) a good looking dual-sport tyre that won’t make the bike feel or sound like its riding on cobbles.Macco Motors_05Finishing touches on the Macco build include; Alloy footrests, an LSL sprocket cover and the usual Ignition and Rectifier relocation brackets which should be on everyones Triumph by now…no?… why the hell not?

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