Jim G’s 2008 Triumph Scrambler Via The Bullet

Via The Bullet Great looking Machine!
Im not keen on these D&D’s on a Scram, they take away the essence of a Scrambler. But that in my opinion


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  1. That tire/exhaust combo got a lot of dialogue going on my blog and the Triumph forums. Strong opinions but I love the conversation!

  2. Yeah, im not surprised…. it’s not really a practical exhaust for a ‘Scrambler’ But then the Scrambler is not really a practical….’Scrambler’

  3. I ride a 2008 carbureted Scrambler. I do scramble with it. I ride it like a dual sport. I have high pipes, like the stock ones, but I have the British Custom chrome ones. I also have mounted Heidenau K60 tires, a fork brace and crash bars. I’d like to simplify the pipes, (and get rid of some of the chrome), and have looked at D&D’s, Arrow and even some modified Bonneville pipes that are lower to the ground like these. No matter what I decide to do, and that may be just leave ’em the way they are, I liked looking at the treatment to this scram. Nice job, nice bike.

  4. Very aesthetically pleasing bike. I wouldn’t run the pipes or bars off the pavement though. More form over function in my mind with that respect. Really enjoying some of the things people are doing with these new Scramblers. Curious how light one of these things can be broken down to while retaining their road worthiness.

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