Ill Fated T100 Bobber

Ill-Fated Kustoms Built froma salvaged 2007 T100

Engine: 2007 T100
Wheels: 2006 T100
Tires: Dunlop GT501
Fork: Stock 2″ lowered with Progressive springs
Triple Tree: Custom CNC machined from 7075 billet
Headlight: 5″ Bates Replica
Gas tank: Triumph reproduction tank from Lowbrow Customs
Rear Fender: 7 Metal West
Handlebar: 1″ Biltwell Trackers
Levers: Pazzo
Speedo: Son of the Wind
Headers: Modified stock
Front brake: EBC Pro-Lite rotor stock caliper
Rear Brake: Stock
Seat: Biltwell
Seat Hinge: Biltwell
Seat Springs: Lowbrow 4″
Oil Tank: Custom CNC machined (electronics housing)
Battery Tray: LC Fabrication
Tail Light: No School Choppers
License Plate Braket (not shown): No School Choppers Left Mount
Rear Sprocket: New Bonneville 43 Tooth
Front Sprocket: New Bonneville 16 Tooth
Chain: D.I.D.
Brake Lines: SS braided
Foot Controls: Stock, mounts custom water jet plate
Sissy bar: custom made 1/2″ round bar
Paint: Kevin Cuffley of Bigshot Customs did the fine work

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