Hedonic – Thruxton-R ‘Amazing”

Hedonism is about pleasure, and for many that pleasure is found in building, riding and owning beautifully crafted two and four wheeled machines. Its customising Triumphs Modern Classic and classic Porsches which is giving Serge Heitz and the team at Hedonic that all important feeling of ‘satisfaction and enjoyment’.Hedonic offer a range of custom Triumph Twins based on the late EFI air cooled and new ‘Eco’ friendly liquid cooled twins – good news for the average hedonistic pleasure seeker wanting to ride a super cool and classically styled new wave custom motorcycle – something owners of older machines are finding increasingly hard to do in our modern cities.
Hedonic’s potential customers can choose from either the 900cc air-cooled Neo 000, or the more unto date 1200cc Neo 001 and Neo 002. All three share the popular Scrambler styling and similar specifications including the super popular TKC80 dual sport tires and inverted forks. But if you have grown a little tired of the Scramblerisation of the Bonneville, then perhaps the aptly named ‘Amazing’ is more your thing.Based on the 1200cc Thruxton R, the ‘Amazing’ is Hedonic’s neo-retro styled Cafe Racer, a build wearing one hundred and fifty hours of custom aluminium bodywork including fairings, fuel tank, sump guard and a beautifully sculpted and polished fender eliminator moulded to the underside of the modified frame.

The slick styling continues with a retro Cafe Racer seat upholstered in rich brown leather, flanked by a set of the best looking meshed side covers yet to grace a liquid cooled Thruxton.Behind that raw aluminium hand crafted fairing lays a compact Motorgadget MST speedo and custom clip-ons – a classic bar fitted with a set of inverted levers and a ‘sculpted’ all in one switch-gear, something that wouldn’t look out of place in Buck Rogers 80’s spaceship.

The mudguards are of course custom, with the rear being fitted with lights and signals and suspended just millimetres off a fat vintage Firestone Deluxe 5”x16” tire. At the front the stock Thruxton forks have been replaced by 41mm inverted units from a Yamaha YZF R6 and fitted with 4 pot Brembo’s, paired with a 300mm rotor attached to a matching 16” wheel and 5”x16” tire, and if  you wonder what happen to the R’s forks, they are now on the Neo001.The custom made stainless steel high pipes with turbine style end-caps finish the Amazing off a treat. These caps we are told were crafted from single blocks of aluminium, and are truly something to behold – sensibly this system sports a contrasting heat shield, which should protect the rider from getting a little scorched.If you want more details on the Hedonic creations as well as Serge Heitz STORM001, the custom Porsche 356 , pop over to  www.hedonic.fr or get in touch with the Hedonic team for their full specifications, options and prices.

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