DP Customs Triumph Bonneville – Rusi


Jarrod and Justin Del Prado are the faces behind DP customsOriginally from Motor City, the brothers moved to New River, Arizona in the early 1980’s. The guys normally work on home grown iron… well, thats was until a customer asked if they could build something using a 2001 Triumph Bonneville, so it begins….


DP Custom is a two man band (Brit slang…like a ‘one man band’…meh! Google it) this ensures none of their passion is lost telling others what it is they want to do. “No corporate BS. to deal with and nobody to get in the way of our creativity” – The brothers describe their style as ‘unique‘ and will stay true to it.

“If you’ve seen our motorcycles, it’s clear that we love what we do”


When the Del Prado brothers aren’s busy building bikes, you’ll find them honing their “pit-master BBQ skills, storm chasing in Tornado Alley, or sipping on 29 degree beer” None of which sound as fun as building bikes in my opinion, not even chasing Tornados! 


But there is more to the brothers, Justin is a keen artists and fabricator, his painting skills first showing themselves when he was painting models cars at the age of eight. Jarrod on the other hand is a good old fashioned petrol head. Growing up watching Senna and Andretti will do that to a boy. Together the brothers make a great team…

“Having fun is our business, and business is good”


To the bike… The owner of this Bonneville only requests was that the bike needed to be “fun to ride,” well thats a stock Bonneville. Also ‘dark in colour’ So, a Bonneville Black then? OK… too easy! – This particular owner wanted something different!.


“As with all of our bikes, we really focused on keeping the appearance simple, lean and clean”


  • Custom 2 into 1 exhaust and hand made muffler
  • FCR 39mm Keihin carbs
  • Front braking was improved with an ISR master cylinder and Brembo caliper, rear braking was improved with an EBC rotor and EBC high performance pads
  • suspension was improved with Progressive springs up front and Works shocks in the rear
  • Tires are Avon Distanzia
  • hand controls are adjustable ISR’s
  • Custom made tail section and seat pan (all sheet metal, we never use fiberglass)
  • The bike has been 100% re-wired from scratch. The tail section houses the Ballistic battery, and the wiring components are in a custom enclosure under the seat
  • Custom fork brace
  • Lots of work was put into trimming the factory clutter from the frame
  • Biltwell Inc. Tracker bars, aluminum throttle, and grips