Dagenham Dave’s Dues Project

22102009005So far from Deus:

* Chopped rear frame and new café seat
* New tank with Monza cap and knee dents
* New rear indicators
* Clip-ons
* New central speedo
* Black front light22102009004

It’s definitely starting to come together – I love the Monza cap, the tank, and the clip-ons. I love the photo from the back end and top, the others so so (at this stage).22102009003Not quite 100% sold on the rear of the cafe seat where there appears to be a gap between the vertical cushion and the horizontal cushion at the bend. Maybe it’ll look better in the flesh.22102009006

That is not my beautiful black anodised BC top yoke, but just a stand-in (I hope).

A couple of things that still look bleedingly obvious that need to be done:

* Lower front end
* Remove front fork-gators