British Customs Slammer Seat Review

I was rather excited when the British Customs branded parcel arrived on my doorstop, which is no surprise as the contents of this rather large parcel was is the super sexy Diamon Stitch leather Slammer Seat.

A seat which the BC website tells me “features a medical grade gel inserts to provide all day comfort”  which I thinks makes it sounds like some sort of femi product, but is in fact protection from a numb arse for both sexes.

It wasn’t the “all day comfort” that attracted me to the British Customs Slammer Seat, instead it was the… “designed for the modern classic rider who appreciates life’s finer things”  and I do like the finer things in life and thats why I ride a Custom Triumph.

Slammer on a T100

The Diamon Stitch, rodeo brown leather which covers this particular limited addition slammer seat is something to behold and looks fantastic in the flesh (no pun intended) The info on the BC website goes on to tell me that the Slammer Seat delivers “the same low and lean looks of the original Slammer…. its slimmer profile encourages a more natural riding position….its stripped down, tuck and roll design was developed explicitly to expose the elements of timeless beauty normally hidden by the stock seating on your modern classic”… DSCF7830Basically the Slammer seat design exposes the frame rails which are normally hidden by the stock seat. It is also 35mm (appox) shorter and 30mm (appox) narrower than the OEM Item. Pair the Slammer with a alloy mudguard or fender eliminator and you will of made a noticeable change to the length of your Twin without having cut or modify the frame in anyway.DSCF7862

The Slammer is a lot firmer than the stock item, though at time of writing Ive only covered a few miles so not sure how comfortable the seat is with all that medical grade gel inside will be on long journeys, but It can’t be amy worse the the stock seat

The finish of the Slammer Seat is excellent, from the quality of the ‘rodeo’ leather to the stitching and custom seat base. You will need to transfer the location brackets from your OEM seat to the slammer seat, which is where my one small issue with the BC Slammer Seat appears. I found the on one side the thread inserts had not been fitted correctly, but this small problem was easily fixed using a longer bolt.

Slammer ontop of the OEM item

Overall a great looking product, well made and generally well finished. The limited addition seat is expensive, but it does look amazing on the bike.

Prices (at time of article)

IN TUCK N ROLL LEATHER $429.95 (£375.00UK SUPPLIER ) Limited Stocks
IN DIAMOND STITCH $429.95  (£375.00UK SUPPLIER ) Limited Stocks
STANDARD $369.95 (£299.99 UK SUPPLIER)