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Here are a few contributions to the Bonne world we live in…. First up is J.H. Espersen from L.A

2012 BonnePro Taper BarsAdjustable leversAnodized Brake ResBar Mirror5 3/4 Mini Headlight / Mount
Rectifier Relocation (super high class done w/ zipties!)Turn signal relocations (front looks balls ugly with the light though)Emission nonsense guttedNology CablesKN Filter
Dominator Sport Pipes w/ Arrow TuneLED rear brake and fender from a motocross gear websiteHagon Rear ShocksSuper Sprox Rear

And then we have Ben Dalton from New Zealand Bonne

My name is Ben Dalton. I live in Wellington New Zealand. This looks like a stock Bonnie, but it’s had the following done:
Airbox junk removed
Thunderbike cam installed
Dyna tuned to 120mph
Front and rear sprockets replaced
New Bonneville old school lighting set
New Bonneville Scythe mirrors
New Bonneville fat rear wheel
All levers, engine cases, rims and pedals powder coated black
Cycle works 2 into one exhaust
Hand crafted front and rear guards
Hand crafted handle bars
Hand moulded and upholstered leather seat to resemble old school seat
After market visor
All the work was done by guys who love motorcycles and have the metal rods in their bodies to prove it.
The bike is called “The Judge” which was my riding name when I was a member of an outlaw club many years ago. With the money I spent on it I could have easily bought a big block Harley. The only problem is every middle aged guy down here has one, and it’s hard to look individual. I started on a 68 T100 I found in pieces in a back garden and have always loved the lines of the original Bonnie. I’ve tried to make this one look like the one I rode in 81 but without the oil leaks and unreliability.
I hope you like it.

Thanks for sending them in guys