This Bloggers Bike is Pierre’s.2006 Scram – A wee bit tasty that!


  • For the number-boad I used a piece of 3mm alloy that I cut and drilled ( total cost : 3 euros :-)) ). The size is close to an AMA official track number board but I cut it a little bit shorter ( +/- 25cm x +/- 25cm ).
  • For the headlights, I used motorcycle fogg lights that I found on ebay( a long time ago ). I welded a piece of alloy perpendicularly on the rear side of my number-board to allow to screw the lights sockets.
  • The front brake control is a Brembo reservoir and lever from a 2008 KTM SMC.
  • The turnlight + horn switch is a new old stock Leonelli from Bultaco trial bike.
  • Speedo from Mike XS
  • Turn lights are the same as Wrenchmonkees webshop but bought less cost on Webbikeworld.
  • Pingel fuel tap
  • DNA pod filters, carbs re-jetted my self. I used also K&N first but DNA are far away better.
  • No airbox
  • Rectifier relocated under the battery tray
  • Joker machine right side key switch
  • Rear and very very short front fender are modified alloy ones found in a secondhand trade
  • I cut the rear side of the frame and welded a piece of curved steel tube
  • I cut the left rear peg stay.
  • The seat is the orignal one but I shortened it and done with a new fabric cover.

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