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Hi Bonnefication Team
First of all thanks a lot for your blog. I really enjoy it.
And it’s very useful.
Keep up the excellent work!
My name is João César Gomes and I am from Portugal.
I would like to show you my first custom bike: Black Toffee
The base is a Triumph Bonneville Full Black from 2004.
With the customisation done, the bike has lost around 20kgs.
Here is the list of the changes:
– Handmade front fender
– Cutted rear fender
– Oil cap in aluminium
– Rear lights : Mini Led Cateye plus Bates Style
– Double faced turn signals
– Thinner and shorter seat
– Tracker handlebar
– Rubber grips
– Megatron mufflers painted in black
– Aluminium Sprocket cover
– Lined side panels
– Mini speedometer
– Rear suspensions
– Lower mirrors in black

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  1. If the pipes sound like my former British Customs on my Thruxton, they’re gonna hurt 😉 Like the lined sidepanels. Very unusal.

  2. Hi João,
    Nice bike! I was hoping you’d be able to help. I am inches away from completion on my Bonnie and have fitted the same clock as yours. I am having trouble getting power to the backing light, I imagine I need to get some resistors but have no clue which to get. Would you be able to point out which?


    1. Hi Cristian

      Thank you!
      I have used the plug attached to the stock speedo and connected the wires from the new speedo, looking carefully to check what colour is correspondent.
      It took some time to get all fixed.
      Hope this helps.


    2. Thanks Ring

      “I used diode(s) number IN4937 but there are a wide range of ones that will work in this application (any IN4932 thru 37 will work great)”

  3. Hello João,

    Nice job! My favorite part is the back end of your bike. The combination of the shorter seat with the cutted fender is superb. It is simply the most beautifull i have seen so far.
    I have a 2007 Bonneville Black myself, and I just can’t figure out what to do with the rear fender. Thanks to you I might consider cutting the fender too.

    Little question: How did you mount your license plate?


  4. Hi Peter

    Thanks a lot for your comments. Really appreciated!

    Below the Bates style rearlight, and under the fender, I have a mini cateye rear light. So I have 2 rear lights! Not very common I know, but it goes very well.

    The mini cateye rear light came with a bracket for the license plate.

    Hope this helps!


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