Its always nice to feature a readers bike and this one is from Chris Bennett…great work mate!

I came across your site not to long ago, and I love it. It’s nice to come across a site dedicated to Triumphs!
Here are some pics of my 2010 Triumph Thruxton, I bought it new in late 2010 and used it to drive around to some of the local military bases (I’m an expat btw). This was my first taste of touring on a bike, which I’ve found that I love! (IMAG0301) So while I was touring around the panhandle of Florida I added a set of old ammo cans to store my belongings. After touring the bases I decided I wanted a more minimalistic look so I stripped everything off that I didn’t need or want and I chopped the exhaust down and added some biltwell tips. (IMAG0080) Last fall semester I started my degree in ministry, I had to trek 100 miles a day back and forth to school rain or shine for over 4 months, so I had to put everything back on plus add a rear trunk case made from an old NVG storage case and a universal windshield. (IMAG0098, IMAG0837) In just over 3 months I had put 3,000 miles on my triumph, more than I have put on it since I bought it. Once I finished that semester I had taken a semester off and I was done with riding for awhile. If you don’t have to ride it’s great, but when you have to ride and you’re on a time crunch most it sucks! Now however I’ve moved closer to school (within walking distance) and I have sold everything off the bike that I don’t want and I have my heart set on a total remake. I love the Britbob and the TpR bikes and those are the ones I’m basing my vision on for this bike. Currently it’s sitting in my new office in my house (IMAG1235) where it will be worked on. Hopefully in the future I can show you the completed bike as I work on it in between class times. 

Thanks for your time!
Chris Bennett






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