BLOGGERS BIKE XIV – Head full of Snakes

I’m a total amateur and this is my first go at customizing a bike. Also I’m not doing it the ‘right’ way really, ie. pulling it right down to the frame, I’ve just been doing it in bits, as it’s my regular daily ride. That said it’s been off the road for a few weeks now while I’ve been fitting an old T150 tank to it. I just have to make a new seat and she’ll be back on the road again. I did the rear fender and blinkers pretty much straight away when I got it. I always planned to change the tank (hate the original!) but it took me almost two years to decide what to put on it. It’s a slow burner eh! I’m planning to change the bars to proper clip ons (lower), change the switch gear, and change the dials next. really keen to make new footpegs soon too… yeah I’ll be chipping away at it for the next few years no doubt.

I run a blog called Head Full of Snakes,  these have been on there. Me and a friend have recently made a magazine called Head Full of Snakes too, a kind of low-fi motorcycle fanzine thing. It’s sold out now or I’d send you one. We are making another one soon.

Cheers anyway, love your work,
Luke Wood
This is her a couple of weeks ago round at a friends who’s a panel beater with just the primer on:
This is her now, I’m painting it matte black for now but will eventually paint the tank a different colour so it stands out as more of a feature. Thinking a dark kandy red. Will be hand-painting my own logos and shit on this tank and the side covers. Looking for an alloy front guard…

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